Marcel Wuethrich

Marcel is a Research Scientist in the field of microbiology and immunology at the University of Wisconsin studying pathogenic fungi. He has been keeping fish and Aquaria since his childhood and has actively bred fish for the last 20+ years. His primary interest and focus is in breeding rainbow fish, blue eyes (Pseudomugils) and lately hillstream loaches and plecostomus.

Extended Bio

He currently maintains 70+ tanks for breeding and displaying fish ranging from 10 to 180 gallons. For the last 3 years, he has started breeding fish outside in 65 and 100-gallon tubs taking advantage of the conditions outdoor tubs offer for breeding fish during the summer months.

In July 2019 he had the opportunity to attend and speak at a scientific meeting in Brisbane, Australia. He took advantage of the opportunity to explore the outdoors after the meeting.  Leo O’Reilly, who collects, keeps, and breeds 20 locations of Rhadinocentrus took him fishing and showed him collecting, Aussie style, at Tin Can Bay.

Featured Talk
Rhadical Rhads! Collecting The Ornate rainbowfish (Rhadinocentrus ornatus) at Tin Can Bay

Marcel will be showing us pictures of the habitat and the fish that they collected during this trip. He will also be talking about how he breeds his Rhads both indoors and in outside tubs.